About Us

There You Glow, a uniquely inspired and consciously illuminated clothing and art company, was forged in fire within the hot neon cauldron far beneath the fluorescent surface of glow mountain many years ago. Creating one of a kind artistic creations and clothing pieces, we here at There You Glow have been working since 2011 on cutting edge, “I didn’t even know that was possible”, kind of products that are sure to dazzle and allure. Over significant trial and error we have created our own photoluminescent inks, paints, fabric mediums, and plastics that we use to create our many products. Everything that we make is handmade and many of our products are one of a kind creations. We are constantly striving to create newer products based from fantastical ideas.

While to some it may seem like magic, the illumination created when UV light is applied to a phosphorescent material is a natural and simple process. Phosphorescent chemicals are naturally “excited” by UV light and their chemical structure briefly changes when the UV rays hit. What occurs is called a phase shift, a process in which the electrons of the phosphorescent mineral briefly charge and turn into photons. This brief positive surge creates the glowing light that we utilize on our products as a by-product of the phase shift. As the light from the glow fades the photons change back to electrons and the molecule reverts back to its natural state. To put it in a phrase we like to use at There You Glow, what is happening is that you are creating and holding a small piece of energy on a piece of art or a piece of clothing you can wear.

Over the past few years we have been traveling the country, spreading our glow in the dark ways with other like-minded people. Please follow us to keep up with all our shenanigans and to find out where we are going next. If you have any ideas about where we should go or an art project we should work on please tell us through social media or email thereyouglow@gmail.com.